Favorite Avon Product Friday!


This weeks Favorite Avon Product is….

Avon Foot Works Arthritis Achy Foot and Muscle Cream. 

I have to tell you I was a little skeptical at first if this product would work, even thought I sold a bunch of it to my clients.  The last 7 years I have had a lot of problems with my feet after running the San Diego Marathon.  It started slowly and gradually got  worse.  My feet would hurt when I stood up and started to walk, then it went away.  Then they started to hurt when I was just sitting there.  What really scared the crap out of me was when one of my toes started to go numb.  That was when I realized I needed to make some changes.  

After visiting a foot Dr. at the age of 40, changing all of my shoes that I wear to orthotics (which really sucks!!!) and having to wrap one of my toes things started to get better.  I found shoes that actually looked good with built in orthotics, which are very expensive so I better like them. I still had some achy feet but nothing close to the way I was feeling 6 months ago.

I had sold a bunch of the Achy Foot and Muscle Cream to customers, a lot of them didn’t even use it on their feet.  They used it any where they had arthritis (Who knew, right?).  I decided about 2 weeks ago to give it a try and I absolutely LOVE it .  It just gives me that little extra that I needed for my feet.  I rub it in when I get settled in for the night and in the morning my feet feel relaxed and ready to tackle the day. I have recommended it to all of the people I know that have problems with their feet and even thought it doesn’t completely solve the problem it make the problem so much more bearable. If you’ve used the Avon Foot Works Arthritis Achy Foot and Muscle Cream I would love to hear all about it below.  

Avon Foot Works Arthritis Achy Foot and Muscle Cream

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