4 Skin Care Steps I Wish I would have Followed Through Out My Life

When your young you think you have all the time in the world and that you won’t be effected by the things in the world that can cause problems with your skin. How I wish I would have listened to my mom and the advice she gave about skin care.

I had a lot of acne when I was younger, even into my mid 30’s.  Which really suck being a 30 year old woman with break out’s like a teen.  I used everything I could think of to try to get ride of these break out.  The only thing I never really followed was a daily skin care routine.  Funny thing is, once I found Avon and started to actually follow a daily routine my skin improved so much.   These are the 4 things I wish I would have taken to heart when I was younger about skin care.

  1. Always, Always, Wash Your Face!

I know how it is, your dead tired after a long day at work or a night out on the town and you come home and just think I’ll wash my face in the morning.  This is one of the worst things you can do.

During the day not only do you apply makeup, but  your face also attracts impurities and dirt on the surface from your daily activities.  These can cause irritation and your skin to age more rapidly.

Washing your face at night before bed can reduce the risk of developing pimples, redness and blackheads.

It promotes cellular renewal by eliminating dead skin  and repair itself during the night.

2.  Use A Night Time Moisturizer

When your tired it’s hard to have to follow a routine before bed, taking just a few extra minutes on your skin care routine will have so many added benefits.

The common misconception that you should avoid a night time moisturizer to let your skin breathe is a myth and not a good one.  Your skin does not perform the function of respiration so your skin cannot breathe.  Your skin is like a fish and requires water to live.  Without it , your cells dehydrate and the health of skin is compromised.

At night your skin is in a reparative  state.  While you sleep, your skin is at rest and not exposed to the stressors that age your skin. Using a night time moisturizer can help repair your skin and help control how quickly your skin ages while you get the beauty rest you need.

3.  Use Eye Makeup Remover instead of Soap.

It’s so much easier to use your facial soap instead of an added step of using eye makeup remover.  I have to admit I still do this some days. Eeek, I know shame on me.  LOL.

The skin around your eyes is thin and sensitive so using any type of soap product is too harsh for the skin around your eye. These products can dry out your skin and cause fine lines to develop in this sensitive area.

Always uses a product created for this area of the face.  It will eliminate make up with out having to tug at your eye contour.

4. Us a Daily Moisturizer with SPF.

As important as it is to use a night time moisturizer it’s just as important to use a day time moisturizer with SPF.  You will thank me 20 years from now when you look at your skin.

I was really not one to use SPF when I was younger, I wanted to get a tan not protect my self from the damage of the Sun.  Sad thing is I always burned badly, to the point that I would often blister.  NOT GOOD!  This is probably the number 1 thing I wish I would have done in the beginning.  Burning is so dangerous not only for your skin but for your health.

In 2010 I trained for the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon ( I know I’m CRAZY).  That morning I  followed my skin care routine to a T since I had been doing for so long at that point.  We had to be at the starting line around 5 am.  At that time it was still dark and I didn’t even give it a thought that I needed sunscreen. Well let me tell you I was sooooo regretful the following day .  I was burned from my shoulders down. While sitting in the airport at LAX I suddenly had a feeling of my shirt being wet on my shoulders.  When I went into the bathroom to take a look I had developed blisters on my shoulders and chest, but when I looked at my face I had a nice healthy glowing tan.  All thanks to having used my daily moisturizer with SPF.  At that point I realized how important using SPF was.

Using SPF will protect your skin from the suns harmful rays, it has been proven to decrease the development of skin cancer, it helps prevent skin spots and skin discoloration and it slows down the development of wrinkled, premature aging skin.

I hope this will help you to decide to up your skin care routine, I really wish I would have done these things a lot earlier in my life.  Using the Avon products I love has help repair a lot of the damage but some of it is never going to be completely repaired.  So start TODAY to protect your self, find a routine that fits your life and products you love and can stand behind.  Listed below are a my favorite Avon products that have made such a difference in my life.

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