mark. By Avon Pout Lip Paint


mark. by Avon Lip Paint 

It’s the best of both worlds and really fun and colorful. mark. By Avon Pout Lip Paint  come in 8 intense colors and 2 finishes, Vinyl and Velvet . These lip paints are “more intense then lipstick and more saturated than gloss. With pure pigments, a built-in primer guarantees a smooth even application, full coverage that doesn’t feather or bleed and color lasts for hours. 











The Vinyl lip paints are really shiny, it feels great on the lips and doesn’t feel sticky. The colors are incredible for when your feeling bright and bold!. My favorite Vinyl colors are Cozy & Shocking. I also LOVE that they last and I don’t feel like I have to reapply ever little bit. 

The Velvet Lip paint is soft and creamy. These go on smooth and feel very light on your lips.  These lip paints also have a bold and bright pigment with long lasting color.  I just love the color Fancy when I feel like a darker bold lip.   Below is a pic of myself wearing Velvet Lip Paint in Fancy



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