Why You Should Wash Your Face Before Bed.


We’ve all been there, its been a long day, your tired and just want to go to bed so we just tell ourselves that we will wash our face in the morning.  Believe me I probably think this at least once a week.  I have gotten better at this struggle since I started selling Avon 7 years ago and realized just how important it is to remove your makeup ever night before bed.  Trust me that doesn’t mean I don’t still have that thought in the back of my head on those nights that I can barley keep my eyes open or have actually fallen asleep on the couch. But let me tell you in the last 7 years I can’t remember one time that I have gone to bed with makeup on.  Even on the night that I sat in a hospital room all night with my grandma.  I still made my trek to bathroom took out my face wash and washed away the grim of the day.

Washing your face not only removes your makeup, but it also removes dirt and oil that has built up on your face during the day. These clog your pores and they are also filled with any outside elements that you came into contact with, i.e. smoke, smog, chemicals and germs. Makeup acts like a magnet for anything you can find in the air.

When you don’t remove your makeup  your pores can get clogged and that leads to large pores, breakouts, rough and uneven skin. Leaving on eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner could cause eye irritations and infections.

Your face repairs its self at night, it needs to naturally exfoliate dead skin, but if you sleep with your makeup on this process does not happen.  This can lead your skin to look dull, dry, uneven and make your skin prone to breakouts.

A clean face will also absorb any moisturizer or night cream you may use. 

I think a great product to help you remove your makeup at night is Avon’s Anew Clean Facial Cleansing Wipes these Pre-moistened wipes do it all in one step. No need to rinse off and can even remove  your eye makeup.  

These are my go to Cleansing Wipes when I’m just to tired and especially when I travel so I don’t have to worry about those little 3oz bottles that I always have way too many of and pray that TSA doesn’t make me throw any of them out.

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