Favorite Avon Product Friday

Today is Favorite Avon Product Friday and we are talking about a product that I am super excited about!

This weeks favorite product is….

Avon Pro Nail Dryer

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I love painting my nails, but the problem I always run into is that I never have enough time to let my nails dry.  Every time I paint my nails it never fails that I some how smudge or chip one in a matter of hours.  Well not anymore.  Avon has the Avon Pro Nail Dryer and it has been my saving grace!!  I just paint my nails and then stick my fingers under this nifty little machine and 5 min later I have dry nails (5 min each hand).  

I’ve put it to the test for a couple of weeks and I’m loving it!!!  Now instead of trying to wait hours to get my nails to dry I have to wait about 10 min. This is such a time and sanity saver for me that I just had to share how much I love this product! The price is pretty awesome too, only $15 @ www.KarensAvon.com

Join me next Friday for my next installment of Favorite Avon Product Friday.

The Gel Finish 7 -in- 1 Nail Enamel featured in photo is Roses Are Red 

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